How many animals are you allowed to have in each Wasatch Front City

Wondering how many animal you are allowed to have in what cities?  Below is the newest list as well as the website for the municipality.  We have tried to make this as complete as possible but please let us know if information changes..  we will update.

City Number of Pets Allowed Website for Animal Ordiniances
American Fork 2 dogs 2 cats Visit Website
Bluffdale 3 dogs Visit Website
Bosie ID 4 pets total Visit Website
Bountiful 2 dogs and or cats
Brigham City 3 dogs 3 cats Visit Website
Cedar Hills 3 dogs or cats Visit Website
Davis County 3 dogs/cats combo Visit Website
Draper 3 pets total Visit Website
Eagle Mountain 4 total Visit Website
Herriman 3 adult dogs, 3 cats or 2 ferrets and no more than 4 total dogs, cats or ferrets in any combination, Fancier/Hobby permit available. Visit Website
Lehi 2 dogs 3 cats (no hobby license) Visit Website
Lindon 3 dogs and 3 cats. No kennel within residential area (same for hobby license) Visit Website
Midvale 3 dogs 3 cats 2 ferrets Visit Website
Murray 2 dogs 2 cats Visit Website
N Ogden 2 cats 2 dogs Visit Website
Nephi 3 large animals per 1/2 acre Visit Website
Ogden Sterilized Dog 2 dogs 4 cats (6 total) Visit Website
Pleasant Grove 2 dogs/cats  Kennel permit available if you have yard 1/2 acre+
Provo 2 dogs 2 cats 1 pot bellied pigs Visit Website
Riverton 3 Dogs NA Cats Kennel license 5 Visit Website
Salt Lake City NO LIMIT Visit Website
Salt Lake County NO LIMIT Visit Website
Sandy 2 dogs 6 pet total  Hobby permit for 5 dogs Visit Website
Saratoga Springs 3 dogs 4 cats Visit Website
South Jordan 2 household pets per species Visit Website
South Salt Lake 2 dogs 3 cats 2 ferrets- Can have 1 additional cat or dog if rescue. Hobby license available for up to 5 dogs (lot size ten thousand sq feet and runs needed) Visit Website
Taylorsville 2 dogs and 2 cats=4 total, more if Fancier permit or Hobby permit Visit Website
Tooele 2 pets total if under an acre, 3 pets total 1-5 acres Visit Website
Weber County 3 dogs 5 cats Visit Website
West Jordan 4 dogs reasonable amount of cats Visit Website
West Valley No more than 4 animals per address, no more than 2 cats, 2 dogs or 2 pot bellied pigs Visit Website

Pawparazzi Film Festival is next weekend

Pawparazzi Film Festival is a one-day, international short film festival in Salt Lake City, Utah, dedicated to all things animal.

With categories ranging from documentary to comedy, these animal-centric films will touch on the different ways our lives intersect with animals and the joys they bring to our lives.

Coinciding with the Sundance Film Festival in neighboring Park City, the Pawparazzi Film Festival takes place in late January. Films delight and enlighten audiences with independent shorts submitted from around the world.

During the 2016 Festival the top submissions will be screened, along with fascinating “insider” panel sessions with the filmmakers. To add to the fun, local canine celebrities will be on hand demonstrate some of their signature moves on cue, and prizes are awarded to the top three films in each category: Drama, Comedy, Animation, Documentary/Advocacy, and Youth/Student.

Our animal-centric festival aims at promoting pet adoptions and celebrating the human-animal bond across species. Pet-friendly sponsors and local rescue organizations will be present to provide information about their services, rescuing, and more. On a big screen, videos highlighting the good work of the participating rescues will play throughout the day. A silent auction and a raffle of fantastic, generously donated items are underway during the day to raise additional funds for Best Friends.

6 Dog-Related Tax Deductions You May Be Eligible to Claim

From the folks at the Dogington Post

6 Dog-Related Tax Deductions You May Be Eligible to Claim


With tax day right around the corner, many of us are searching far and wide for any deductions we can get! That got us wondering, are dogs tax deductible? Well… not exactly, but there are some dog related expenses that may be!

We all know our dogs are members of the family, but the IRS doesn’t see them that way – they can’t be counted as dependents. But, there ARE some dog-related expenses you might not be aware of! Of course, you’ll want to check with your tax professional to make sure your write-offs are legitimate.

1. Moving Your Dog: According to Kiplinger, If you moved during the tax year, it might be possible to deduct your moving expenses – including those specifically related to moving your dog. For example, if moving your dog requires special expenses, those expenses are treated no differently (in the federal government’s eyes) than any of your personal effects. Making special arrangements to get Fido from your old home to your new one? Save the receipts!

2. Guard Dogs: According to tax expert, Cliff Ennico as reported in Entrepreneur, guard dogs can be a legitimate write-off. This would include the cost of caring for the dog, but not the dog itself. And, you can only deduct a percentage based on how much time the dog spends guarding. But, if you’ve got a guard dog that protects your business and inventory (I wouldn’t really try this one as a personal deduction) this could amount to a nice deduction.

3. Charitable Donations to Dog Rescues/Shelters: It would be easy to assume that the costs of adopting a dog from a registered non-profit, 501(c), would be deductible – the assumption would be wrong. The cost to adopt a dog is not deductible. However, any donations made in excess of regular adoption fees most certainly are. According to the law, only those donations made where no goods or services are received in exchange (i.e., your new dog) can be deducted. Should you choose to make donations to your favorite 501c dog charity, make sure to ask for a letter of receipt that states no goods or services were received. Donations of both goods and services to an approved charity are tax deductible. When donating goods or services to an approved charity, ask for a donation receipt – you’ll need it if the value of your donations exceeds $250. To deduct a charitable contribution, you must file Form 1040 and itemize deductions on Schedule A.

4. Service/Therapy Dogs: According to IRS Publication 502, You can include in medical expenses the costs of buying, training, and maintaining a guide dog or other service animal to assist a visually-impaired or hearing-impaired person, or a person with other physical disabilities. Just make sure you’ve got good medical records to back you up, should questions arise.

5. Jobs With Dogs Expenses: If you own and operate a business with dogs, of course your dog-related business expenses are deductible. If you’re a trainer, you may be able to deduct mileage or transportation costs for visiting clients and their dogs. If you’re a dog walker and need to purchase business related items like leashes and poop bags, those expenses can be itemized. As with any job-related expense, just make sure to keep all receipts and be able to prove the items were for job duties, not for your personal pet.

6. Fostering Dogs: As a result of Van Dusen v. Commissioner,  animal rescuers nationwide that are fostering dogs and/or cats for approved charities may claim the expenses during tax time. An approved charity is one that is recognized by the IRS with the 501(c)(3) designation as a Not-for-Profit organization. Fostering expenses eligible for deduction are food, medicines, veterinary bills, crates, garbage bags, and the like. Even a portion of your utilities can be considered expenses as long as a a specific area of your home is only used for the care of the animals and nothing else.


UT: Dog Lovers, Protect Your Rights by Contacting Your Senator Today Voice Your Continued Support for HB 97

Photo by Melissa Lipani for Best Friends Animal Society.

Dear Members and Friends,

Your voices were heard loud and clear! We are delighted to tell you that HB 97 passed the Utah House of Representatives. If passed by the Senate and signed by the governor, it will end breed-discriminatory legislation (BDL) against all dogs in Utah. The passage by the House was a big hurdle, but there’s a lot more to be done before we can mark this down in the victory column.

So many of you took action and sent a letter to your legislators. We need your voice once again to help families and their pets across Utah today by speaking up in support of HB 97.

Sponsored by Representative Brian King, HB 97 protects property rights by prohibiting any local government from banning certain dogs based on breed. Right now, it’s legal for local governments in Utah to ban certain breeds or restrict people’s right to have any breed or breed mix they like. That’s not right.

The current policy encourages infringement on personal property rights, all without any benefit to the community. The truth is, BDL harms good communities. It’s outdated and archaic policy and has no place in our great state.

Politics is not a spectator sport. And together, we can Save Them All®. Please take action now to support this critical piece of legislation by contacting your senator.

Thank you.


Gregory Castle

Support House Bill 97

02/07/14 – UT: Support House Bill 97, Sponsored by Rep. Brian King, and Protect Your Freedom to Have Whatever Breed of Pet Dog You Choose


SIGN and SHARE!  This is right here in UTAH. THIS is important, people! Do you live in South Jordan and love pit bull terrier like dogs?  Do you live in Millard County?  What about North Salt Lake?  We need to tell our legislators to make breed bans illegal and to beef up the laws promoting responsible guardianship of ALL ANIMALS!



HB 97

What’s the Difference…

Service dogs, Therapy dogs, and Support dogs . . .


Have you ever wondered what the difference was between a service dog, a support dog, and a therapy dog?  This is a great article all about the differences, similarities, and laws regarding each type of dog.  Check out the link below!

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