About Us

Hi, my name is Apollo and I’d like to tell you a little bit about my mom, Tracy Thomas. I met her at Strut your Mutt six years ago – I was being fostered by CAWS and she was looking to add another member to her family. . . it was love at first wag!

My mom is a Dog Friendly Realtor with Urban Utah Homes and Estates, she also owns some dog friendly rental houses. Every time one of the rentals is vacant there are lots of people with dogs that want to rent them. So many that she has to turn some away. She decided to build a site where all of the dog friendly rentals were in one place so it’s easier for the renters and their dogs to find them. She would like for all rentals to be dog friendly but she is going to work on that one landlord at a time.

But it’s not all fun and games, being a good dog tenant. We have to make sure that we behave ourselves, don’t make lots of noise and don’t bother the neighbors. Our humans will help us with all of those things.

So whether you are a dog friendly landlord or looking for a dog friendly rental, check out our site. We will also have lots of events and fun stuff to do in the Dog Community tab.

Thanks for visiting my moms site and come back often.